Experiential Learning– Intern with a Congressman

A recent email from my Congressman, Rush Holt, reminded me of one of the many perks of teen homeschooling: internships. Because homeschoolers are not bound by the hours of brick-and-mortar schools, they are able to intern during traditional working hours. 

Congressman Holt is currently accepting applications for Congressional internships in his offices in West Windsor and Washington, D.C. for the spring of 2014. According to his email:

Congressional interns are selected on a competitive basis and contribute in many ways to my work for central New Jersey, including aiding in legislative research, attending congressional hearings, helping address New Jerseyans’ problems with federal agencies, conducting community outreach, and helping with administrative duties.  Further information is available on my website, and the application deadline for the spring semester is December 12.

An up-close Civics credit plus a chance to check out a possible career path all rolled into one! Rush Holt isn’t the only Representative to offer internships, so if this type of experience appeals to your teen and you don’t live in NJ-12, why not look into opportunities with your Congressperson? Or keep the experience more local–look to your representative in the NJ State House or your town council. If your teen does pursue an internship, I hope you’ll share the experience with us.