For Homeschoolers

Whether you are an unschooler, an eclectic homeschooler, or someone who favors a school-at-home approach, Rapaport Consulting provides personalized guidance and expertise on high school learning and college admissions.

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Services We Provide

Because each student’s path to college is unique, Rapaport Consulting creates a personalized action plan tailored to each student’s needs. We work one-on-one, supporting students through the process of self-discovery.

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Barbara Rapaport has been supporting families on their educational journeys for over twenty years. Barbara upholds a professional code of standards and ethics whose core values are sound advice, integrity, respect, and confidentiality.

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Rapaport Consulting provides comprehensive college and curriculum advising to high school students.

We are dedicated to helping each high school student identify and successfully apply to colleges where they will thrive – colleges with the best possible match to each student’s personal qualities and career goals.

Let us help you find your perfect fit.

We work with families to determine:

  • Best Academic Fit: Where will you learn best?
  • Best Social Fit: Where will you be happiest outside the classroom?
  • Best Financial Fit: Where will the cost of attendance match your budget?

Our guiding philosophy is that students are most likely to succeed at schools where academic fit, social fit, and financial fit overlap.

At Rapaport Consulting, we recognize that the college search, selection, and application process is entwined with each student’s process of self-discovery. Our customized approach focuses on the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. Rapaport Consulting provides professional expertise to support and guide the student at every step along the path, from choosing high school learning opportunities through enrolling in college.

Wherever you are on the journey, a freshman or sophomore just beginning to think about college, a junior about to embark on the college search, or a senior ready to apply, we’re here to help you navigate a smooth course.