Services We Provide

Because each student’s path to college is unique, Rapaport Consulting creates a personalized action plan tailored to each student’s needs. Whether your teen is a freshman or sophomore in the early stages of thinking about college and career, a junior searching for their “best fit” school, or a senior completing college applications, Rapaport Consulting offers professional support and guidance.

Comprehensive College Admission Program

Freshmen and Sophomores

We work one-on-one, supporting students through the process of self-discovery while helping them create a personalized action plan that allows for the full range of post-secondary options. Early planning is often a pivotal factor for performing artists, athletes, and those seeking admittance to the most selective colleges.

Juniors and Seniors

Beginning in the junior year when we help the student articulate their post-secondary goals, and continuing through the first semester of college, our Comprehensive College Admission Program supports families along every step of the college search, application, and admission process.

Junior Year

We know there are a lot of “best” college lists, but we wonder best for whom? Rapaport Consulting is dedicated to helping you identify the best college for you, the school where you will thrive academically and socially while staying within your budget. During your junior year, we focus on building a selected list of potential colleges uniquely suited to you.

College Application

Early Senior Year

After identifying your “best fit” colleges, it’s time to apply! We work with you to create a personalized college application timeline, an action plan to keep you on track, and application materials that will optimally communicate your unique qualities.

College Admission and Transition

Late Senior Year through 1st Semester of College

You’ve heard from the colleges and now the choice is yours. Rapaport Consulting supports your family all the way through college enrollment and transition.

The Comprehensive College Admission Program includes one-on-one counseling sessions via Zoom, tailored to each student’s specific needs. Consultations may include:

  • Personalized college application timeline and action plan to help you keep on track
  • In-depth interviews with student and parents regarding short and long term educational goals
  • High School transcript review
  • Advice on high school course selection
  • Recommendations for non-academic learning: extracurricular involvement, summer activities, internships
  • Guidance on college type and major field of study
  • Testing recommendations: which standardized tests to take and when to take them
  • Advice on making successful college visits
  • Overview of financial aid basics: FAFSA, PROFILE, Scholarship search, strategies for merit aid
  • Editing activities résumé
  • Tips for obtaining effective letters of recommendation
  • Interview techniques and mock interviews for college
  • Essay help
    • Brainstorming
    • Developing story line
    • Editing: grammar, spelling, and elements of style
  • Evaluating and comparing offers of admission and financial aid
  • Support for student and parent during college transition

Customized Service Blocks

For those who have already decided where to apply, we offer custom consultation packages to answer questions about the application process and/or assist with any of the components of the application including essays, interviews, and résumés.

Group Classes and Workshops

Workshops may be arranged on topics of interest to parent, or parent-teen, groups, and will be tailored to your group’s needs.

To schedule an introductory meeting or learn more about our classes, call 609-731-9007.


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